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Larry has been a professional photographer and an accredited member of the Association of Photographers for 40 years, working nationally and internationally for a diverse range of clients. The majority of his commercial work in recent years involves photographing people from all walks of life in all sorts of situations but the pictures featured on this website are all personal work he has shot of people and places around the world.

In the past Larry has directed and run several adult education weekends and is now getting more involved again in helping people get the best out of their photography. He was asked by Park Cameras, the largest independent photographic retailer in the UK, to advise and help set up their Introduction to Adobe Lightroom course and to teach on the initial courses. He also offers one to one tuition in Lightroom himself. Larry has been invited to lecture in Photography on several cruise ships.

Larry still has a real passion for photography, is self taught, still learning, and loves to help others to improve and enjoy their photography. 

Larry's work can be seen at the Montague Gallery in Worthing. https://montaguegallery.co.uk/